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How To Make Face Shields 

Thank you so much for donating your precious time and resources to creating shields for our courageous, under-resourced Doctors and Nurses at the frontline of COVID-19. 

Together, utilizing materials any one of us can purchase at local or online hardware stores and following a few simple steps, we can make a big difference. I hope this guide will make it as easy as possible for anyone who wishes to join the effort. Shields you create can be donated to your local hospital or any of the other hospitals listed at

Please contact me if you have any questions!

*Our shields are successfully in use at multiple Hospitals in New York City. The hospitals all over the world still need much more personal protective equipment (PPE).

Let's make a difference.

Our warriors deserve shields!    

List of Materials:

1" Width : Hold up to 15lbs

or Thick Clear Shower Liner

  •  3" Diameter Jar Lid 

(or circular object that you can use to trace)

Self-stick Weatherseal 1" Width x 1/4" Thick

(thicker is ok!) 

Weatherseal 1" Width x 1/4" Thick (thicker is ok!)

Industrial Strength Heavy Duty Stick-on 

2" Width, Hold up to 10lbs 

  • Bag or Box to Store Finished Face Shields


0 Before we begin make sure to gather all necessary tools and supplies. Wash hands thoroughly before wearing gloves and mask.  If you don't have access to a mask, use a bandana or any other durable material to securely cover your mouth and nose.  

Important: Use 70% alcohol to disinfect your work area surfaces, tools, and  the bag/box you're planning to use as storage. Let them air dry.


1 Use an X-acto knife or sharp scissors to cut 8.5"x15" rectangle of plastic material. Repeat this step as necessary. Each 8.5"x15"sheet will eventually become a shield.


2 Lay the plastic sheet horizontally in front of you.  Take your jar lid (or other similarly sized round object) and place it at the bottom corner of the plastic.

Trace and create a rounded corner guideline, then cut along your guide line.  Repeat this step on the other bottom corner of the plastic. 


3 Apply the strips of foam to the top side of the plastic (the side that isn't rounded) in this order:

First, Polyfoam; next Double-Sided tapefinally Air Conditioner Foam strip.  

Make sure all the foams are aligned at the top to ensure correct fit.   Cut each Foam and Tape only after it is applied to ensure exact length. 



Cut two 1"x 1" velcro squares. Attach the rough side (Hook) of the velcro  to the top (unrounded) corners of the plastic on the FRONT side of the plastic (side without foam).


5 Measure the smooth side (Loop) of velcro to 24", then cut.   

Connect smooth (Loop) velcro strip at the rough (Hook) velcro squares you've applied onto the shield in step 4.

6 Clean and disinfect each shield with 70% alcohol solution.

Store Face Shields in a sterilized bag/box.

Voila! Your shield is complete. 

Thank you and please contact or hospitals near you for drop-off information.

If you're in the New York City area, please contact us for pick-up arrangement. 

Click Here: 

To Download PDF (English)

To Download PDF (En Español)

To Download PDF (auf Deutsch)

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